SONET/SDH Encryption Interoperable Family


SONET/SDH Encryption Family with KEYNET Key and Device Management

Product Features

  • Supports SDH and SONET Protocols
  • Flexible Configurations
  • Seamless Network Overlay
  • Easy to deploy, monitor, manage
  • Strategic-level Security
  • Optical Transceivers for each Line I/O Interface
    STM-4 (OC-12) @ 622.08Mbps
    STM-1 (OC-3) @ 155.52Mbps
  • Encryption Options
    AES-256 (standard)
    Integration of national algorithms without hardware modification (optional)

DSD 72B-SP Optical Network Encryption

DSD 72B-SP(RI) Fiber Optic Network Encryption Appliance Rugged Environments

DSD 72B-SP (RI) SONET/SDH encryption for rugged industrial environments is designed to secure data, voice and video communications reliably in the harshest of operational environments. The DSD 72B-SP (RI) provides strategic-level data protection for rugged industrial environments with trusted, user-friendly, key and device management. TCC SONET/SDH encryption provides unrestricted network routing of each virtual container (VC) with no plaintext network exposure of the path-encrypted payload.

DSD 72A-SP (I) Fiber Optic Network Encryption Appliance for Industrial Environments

The DSD 72B-SP (I) SONET/SDH encryption product variant provides all the same features as the "RI" in an industrial (non-ruggedized) package. Both SONET/SDH encryption versions are fully interoperable for integration into networks with a mix of fixed, environmentally controlled sites and those operational locations with harsh environments.

DSD 72B-SP(STM) Fiber Optic Network Encryption Appliance for Military Environments

In addition, the same functionality and interoperability is available in DSD 72A-SP (STM) SONET/SDH encyption for military environments.

KEYNET Optical Manager for Fiber Optic Network Encryption Management

A secure network with TCC's SONET/SDH Encryption family is centrally and automatically managed with the KEYNET Optical Manager for trusted, user-friendly and intuitive key and device management.


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Cipher One

CipherONE® Optimized Network Encryption

Our solutions meet TCC's CipherONE Optimized Network Encryption best-in-class criteria for maximum cryptographic strength, and are optimized for performance and ease of use for our customers.

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